Security Guard Firms

Industry of providing private security guards is crucial in terms of safety and security in United States and other countries. At present, private security firms are primarily responsible for providing necessary protection to critical infrastructure systems and national institutions but also working to protect one’s property and crucial corporate data. Companies across United States are greatly dependent on them for various purposes which include conducting investigations, providing information, performing pre-employment screening, technology security, protecting employees and property and other wide range of functions.

The more extensive perspective of the part of private security wins today. According to American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International, Private security can be defined as non-governmental, private-sector practice of safeguarding people, information, property, carrying out investigations and to protect organization and its assets.

Training practices remain rigorous for security officers, especially if persuing a role as an armed security guard or for other open carry security positions. There are several websites that outline training information for security officers, including the original and most popular site, Security Guard Training HQ. Once you have your training completed and certification in place, you'll want to check the job boards of these top security companies listed below, to see if you can secure a role within their organization.

Top 5 Security Guard Firms in the USA

Securitas USA

In United States of America, Securitas USA is the most focused local and nationally established security firm.

They employ approximately 88,000 security guards and 500 branch managers; they offer exceptional services and security solutions to cater the needs of businesses regardless of their size.

Services Offered:

  • On-site Guarding
  • Remote and Mobile Guarding
  • Integrated Guarding
  • Electronic Guarding
  • Fire and Safety Services

G4S NorthAmerica

G4S with 610,000 employees have expanded operational network in almost 100 countries.

The company put emphasis on security of governments and businesses also on advancing and ensuring the safety of people, products, reputation and property.

Services Offered:

  • Corporate Risk Services
  • Fraud & Investigations
  • Security Products
  • Security Personnel
  • Systems Integration
  • Retail Solutions
  • Youth Services

Allied Universal Services

With industry experience of more than 50 years, Allied Universal is an immense organization providing security services in North America, they are considered premier service provider in the industry.

They deal in industry specific solutions and provide trained resources to all kinds of businesses.

Services Offered:

  • Security Personnel
  • Security Systems
  • Staffing Services
  • Janitorial Services

Waldon Security

Waldon Security was established twenty-five years ago by Michael and Amy Walden with very limited capital. But today they are one of the largest privately held security firm in USA. They provide security services to government and commercial clients.
The company believes their growth is the result of their belief that business runs between people with people and for people. The company is family-owned entity; continue to focus on building long-term relationships with our clients by providing quality service and meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Services Offered:

  • Commercial Services
  • Federal services
  • Workforce Management

Security Solutions of America

With diverse range of services, they claim their services are just one call away.
Security Solutions of America have an array of services to gratify and compliment global needs of a business along with great penetration at individual level.

Services Offered:

  • Unarmed and Armed uniformed guards.
  • Vehicle patrol.
  • Alarm Response.

The organization has multiple divisions focused on different areas, out of which Guard-One is an armed patrol firm with fully-trained and well equipped, security enforcement experts, primarily focused on constant and intense monitoring services.

Guard-One offers:

  • Unarmed and Armed uniformed guards.
  • Vehicle patrol.
  • Alarm Response.
  • Casual dressed officers (executive protection and safety)
  • Special tactical officers (high-risk assignments)
  • Protection for special events