Security Guard Types Of Jobs

Resources that can let you in on a job as a security guard are very less. This guide therefore is focused on helping you understand the type of security guard jobs available out there.

First things first, there are a number of different security guard jobs. Even if the job position is the same but different places call for different responsibilities and training and therefore it is essential that security guard jobs not be generalized. It is understood that training a security guard can be challenging, as there are so many different applications of the skill-sets which require a different training approach. Whenever applying for a particular security guard job it is extremely important that you read its description and understand the specifications of each job type.

There are two main categories for security guard jobs; public and private. Majority of security guards are related to a firm that provides security work for its clients. These clients can range from malls, to amusement parks to private property owners. You can also choose to work for the firm directly. Public security officers include detectives, sheriffs and police officers, but that’s an entirely different story.

So what you need to know about is private security guard positions. Obvious places where one can get job as a security guard include banks, malls, restaurants, airports, schools etc. The job for a security guard at such places is to protect the place against vandalism, theft and all other types of criminal and destructive activities. Security guards at museums and art galleries are deployed to prevent robberies. Other places where one can be hired as a security guard include courthouses, private properties, libraries etc.

For those who want a little action on the side, getting a job as an armored security guard for VIPs or celebrities can guarantee a lot of action. Actors, politicians, professional musicians and all other celebrities are always in need of security and armored security guards are hired to ensure the VIPs are not mauled while they go out in public. If you really like things getting rough and tough, you can get a job as a surveillance agent. A surveillance agent is a security guard that works in a casino. The job is very particular because it involves a lot of money and its transfers from one place to another which can be a little dangerous considering how rough and tough the things might get.

The job position for security guards differs within a company as well. Where one security guard is responsible for minding the parking lot, the other is the head of security monitoring activities via CCTV cameras. Often security guards might have to drive security vehicles from one place to another or be allotted to take care of a particular property.

Security guards fixed times for duties allotted to them by companies they work for. One security group might be employed for the day while the other group might have to mind the night. The security firm is licensed and hires licensed security guards only with proper qualification and training. As easy as it may sound, securing a job as a security guard and fulfilling its requirements is way too difficult.