How Dangerous Is Working As A Security Guard?

Working As A Security Guard

Being a security guard is an exhilarating job. There are challenges and risks involved most of the times as the job entails protecting people, properties, products etc. if it’s a celebrity a security guard is protecting there are risks of being thrashed by a mob. If it’s a politician, there are chances of possible attacks. If it’s a valuable or a property, there is always the threat of theft or robbery. Different scenarios, different responsibilities and each and every one with a danger of its own. It’s not easy working as a security guard. Your life is at stake most of the times and yet there is nothing that could be done about it.

As a security guard for a celebrity or a VIP there is always the risk of being badly injured. When working at events and concerts security guards are required to control the crowds or protect those on stage. These situations can often get chaotic and the security guards are always on the risk of being injured or being thrashed by the crowd.

Working as a security guard means you have to be on the front lines at all times. A security guard would be the first to respond to a situation whenever a criminal activity occurs. This is the main reason why a security guard ends up putting himself in the line of fire whenever there is trouble.

Dangers for security guards always lurk around the corner. Even though security companies focus on proper and even military training for their security guards at times along with certifications, these however cannot shun dangers whenever a situation occurs. Also security guards do not have proper equipment when patrolling areas on duty. This means they are often no match for the robbers or criminals who carry high end arms while attempting a criminal activity.

Working as a security guard is too dangerous and that is one of the main reasons why security companies focus on proper training of the people they hire. A properly trained security guard is at less risk of being injured in a chaotic situation. Also properly trained armed guards can several levels to the protection being offered already. A guard who is not properly trained will only cause frustration on the scene and also end up in trouble.

The bottom line

A security guard job is extremely dangerous. One that calls for the security guard to be on his watch at all times. Nobody can deny the risks involved when you work as a security guard, and the security guard training should not be taken lightly. However it is one of the most exhilarating and high paying jobs today as well. Yes, not every day is dangerous but there are putting your own life on the front line to protect someone or something is a big risk on its own. As a security guard you never know what will happen next and when weapons are involved, things could get a lot more risky and dangerous as well.

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What are the average security guard salary and work schedule?

Security Guard Salary

Security guards usually offer low-level protection to organizations and companies which include monitoring the premises, patrolling either by foot or in a vehicle (obviously, an authorized driver’s license is required). Security guards monitor for suspicious or unsafe action that may be the threat to the safety of the office or any individuals. For instance, a man at or in the office is in violation of specific rules and regulations or policies, the guard must control the situation and make it right. Some security guards are required to screen the people who enter and leave the office and may be allowed to restrict the access to people with clearance. They should continuously be looking for any suspicious movement which may prompt to burglary or violence on the premises; when a circumstance gets to be unmanageable, they should utilize discretion to remove violators from the office and call for reinforcement, which may incorporate the police office. In spite of the fact that security is the most imperative part of the employment, it is likewise essential to provide service in a well-mannered and professional way.

In certain states, such as California, a state issued Guard Card is necessary to legally operate as a security guard. The process to obtain a security guard card online is fairly straightforward. Other states, such as Illinois, require a PERC card training and licensure for operation and employment within the state.

As security guard jobs are quite challenging and tough so their salaries depend on the different packages. The highest workers worked in the metropolitan territories of El Centro, California; Amarillo, Texas; and Springfield, Illinois. Security Guards in the United States pull down about of $10.81 every hour. While the organization and experience level impact pays for this groups. The geographic area is the most powerful element. In few offices, security guards additionally provide reception services to visitors. The job may become very unpleasant under different circumstances depending upon the office being monitored, so it is imperative to have the ability to perform well under pressure and stress situation.

As indicated by the BLS, security guards earned a median yearly salary of $24,410 in 2014. The best-paid earned about $44,200, while the least paid made roughly $17,720. There are many industries who pay best which mostly includes natural gas distributor and electric power generation, distribution services, and transmission services. Making up 79 percent of the individuals who took the survey, male Security Guards incredibly outnumber their female partners. A High school diploma is necessarily required for this position, and a few employers may prefer toward the individuals who have at least an associate’s degree. Sometimes many entry-level positions are also available. Medical advantages are not facilitated in by everybody in this profession, and the greater part does not have any coverage by any means. Health benefits are accounted for by roughly two in five and coverage of dentist is claimed by simply under a third. Work is reasonably satisfying for most Security Guards.

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